Friday, January 13, 2012

The Evening Ride Home!

Crazed killers on the loose be dammed, I was determined to ride my bike today and test out my new lights and I did!  Hell, I even made a new friend while riding home (photo above). 

I bailed from work a tad early just in case my light wasn't bright enough but it was no problem at all since there was still plenty of light.  I didn't need lights for the ride home at all until probably the last ten minutes when I was riding on surface streets and then it was pretty dark so my headlight (Planet Bike's Beamer 3) and my tail light (Planet Bike's Blinky Three) came in handy.

Long story short, its pretty awesome that even darkness can't stop me.  Suck on that darkness!

ps.  I realize this is the most uneventful and boring post ever, so that's why I put a photo of a hot chick at the top.

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