Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 2 of the Green Smoothie Fast

There they are folks, lined up like two torpedoes packed with greatness.  My pre workout snack and my lunch just getting cold, waiting to get in my belly.  The self imposed five day smoothie fest I'm on seems to be working fine.  I've dropped four pounds in two days and I'm feeling great.  So far I'm not really missing eating solid food but who knows how it will go.  After consulting with my wife last night, we determined I needed to mix in another smoothie since roughly 600 calories per day is nowhere near enough when you consider I'm riding 14 miles a day AND going to the gym.  We figured four per day (@96 oz per day) should be better than a mere 64 oz per day.

I'll be doing legs and abs in about half an hour so I just shotgunned this 32 oz of spirulina laced awesomeness.  I believe it's the Vitamix recipe for Fruit Salad smoothie with our own spirulina touch.  Tastes great.  Only weird thing is my poops are still solid.  How does that happen?

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