Friday, January 20, 2012

Dork Says What?

This morning, I woke up to get dressed and ride to work now that I'm back in town.  To my very unpleasant surprise, my commuting in the cold outfit was still laying on the laundry room floor from Tuesday (this explains why seagulls have been circling the house for a few days).  I considered driving to work but then I realized that's not an option for me because I am a bike commuter now and damit, I'm going to ride!

So, I threw on my dirty clothes and noticed the wife laughing at me and I realized that even though my bike is tricked out and awesome, my bike commuter style just blows hot goat nuts.  I need a bike commuter makeover.  The photo above is me this am prior to my ride.  Take a look and give me some suggestions on how I can improve my style.  For the record, 'loose weight' isn't a helpful suggestion you cretins.


  1. You could start by changing your close into something not purchased at Lane Bryant.

    1. Hurtful, but I'll take it into consideration

  2. Fuschia with a racing stripe would be great!