Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting My Bike Commute On!

That's the bike commuter's special right there, the old Topeak MXK bag making its way into the office!

I decided to ride today even though its cold and wet.  Went to the gym too so I'll be getting in a good hour of cardio with the ride and a sexy upper body workout.  I'm sure my locker's going to smell great when I get there after work and change for the ride home.

If you recall, last Friday I experimented with a low light ride home to test out the new bike lights.  Today I think I'm going to try and wait until the sun is down and see how she does in the true darkness.

On the food front, this weekend wasn't the best in terms of nutrition and caloric intake but I did pretty good overall so I'm not really sweating it.  The kale and spirulina shakes are still a major part of what I'm eating and I still feel energetic and great, but my farts are just off the charts awesome.  I've got so much gas these days, the execs from Chevron and Exxon-Mobile are negotiating with me to hook a hose up to my ass as a new source of renewable energy.

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