Monday, January 16, 2012

Serena Owns The Night!

This grainy photo is of a bridge crossing the SART at night.  Yes folks, tonight was the first official commute home in the dark for Serena and I.  I've gotta say, riding in the dark gives a whole new demension to the bike commute home, the sound of the road under your tires, the shadowy figures in the distance, and the smell of homemade Mexican food coming over the backyard walls of the houses that line the SART.  Yes indeed folks,  I loved the night ride.

My Beamer 3 headlight did its job admirably and kept me out of harms way and I assume Blinky 3 in the back did its number because nobody rear-ended me while I had to ride on the streets.  All in all, the new gear I've put on Serena is a success.

Side note:  Now that the serial killer has been caught, the homeless guys have moved back under the bridges and its a little unnerving going full speed into the pitch black underpasses and hearing them doing whatever it is they do up there in the dark recesses of the bridge crevices.  Welcome home boys, welcome home.

Below is the darkness factor by the time I got home:


  1. Scarey ... want a chauffeur?

    1. Like full Driving Miss Daisy or would I have to ride on someone else's handlebars?