Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last night, the wife and I decided to go for the remainder of the week (till Saturday) consuming nothing but raw  fruit and veg smoothies*.  That's right people, its game f*cking ON!  The wife bought lots of organics yesterday and upgraded to the large size spirulina.  Wifeypoo also downloaded a bunch of smoothie recipes that are supposed to get us all needed nutrients. I'm a little worried about a lack of protein since I spend so much time working on my rock hard muscles but what the hell, its only five days right?

Here's me, about to drink my dinner....yummo...sort of.  Good news is, I haven't felt hungry yet and I've got a high energy level so I'm pretty sure its so far so good.  Hopefully its solid going into the vitamix, smoothie coming out, and then turns to solid again when the 'process' is completed.

*  We're allowing ourselves coffee as well...no need to get crazy

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