Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chow/Airport Review

For many years when I was an ultra frequent traveler, my home airport..The Duke...John Wayne...SNA...etc had very few food choices. When you got in for the early am flights, your options were either Starbucks, McDonalds, or this independent joint where they always had croissants, muffins, and coffee prominently displayed but whenever you walked up to order, some wild eyed Korean lady would always just yell 'Not Yet!  We Not Open!'. Well folks, I'm happy to report things have changed.

This morning I got to the airport 90 minutes before my flight (that's cutting it close for me) and got in line at Starbucks like every other traveling robot on the planet.  Disgusted with the fact that I was doing the drill at Starbucks AND having to wait behind 20 people at 5:15am, I decided to break free and explore the newly designed part of John Wayne airport. To my pleasant surprise, I walked just a few feet, turned a corner by gate 13 and saw this little establishment that you may have heard of. Yes...Subway.

I'd never had Subway for breakfast before but the lack of a queue, their impressive storefront, and the fact that I was giving Starbucks a big f@ck you made me go there.  Immediately I was greeted by a nice lady who wanted to make me something. I chose an english muffin, egg, turkey, and cheese sandwich. Nice lady put my meal together, popped it in the microwave, and I moved down to a very eager older dude who was there to take my drink order and my money. Best part about this end of the counter was that there is no 'grande' or 'venti', just a large motherf@cking coffee and you get it yourself. Amen people!  Aaaaaamen!  

The sandwich was very good and the coffee was easily as good as Starbucks and I was outta there for under eight bucks for a sandwich, bottle of water, and a coffee. Coffee, water, and a fruit cup at Starbucks will set you back roughly $14. Sausage McMuff with egg, hash browns, and coffee from McDonalds is the cheapest but you get way more calories and you end up having that ammonium soaked weird meat product instantly turned to liquid and shooting out of your ass within five minutes...and who wants that?

Yes, the Subway breakfast experience was probably the best airport breakfast I've had in the past five years (so you're talking easily 200 airport breakfasts) if you're not counting the ones where you're drinking your breakfast before a flight to Cabo.

Viva Subway!  Break free from the Starsucks people!!! BREAK FREEEEEEE!!!

Side note:  I looked online and I my breakfast sandwich was roughly 300 calories. Not bad at all.

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