Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Hot Gym Action

Today was a fantastic morning and Mark and I rode in again.  Feeling bullish to have a sunny day again, we rode fast and hard (double entendre intended) and made it to the gym in record time.  Since we had time to spare, we decided to hit the steam room (which we do even when we're late).  The problem was, for some reason, the normally empty steam room was more crowded than Taco Bell on Cinco de Mayo (makes zero sense but it makes me laugh).  To add to the lameness, some dip$hit old guy came in the room with shaving cream all over his bald noggin and began to shave his freaking head even though there were like four hundred of us in the sausage party that was the steam room.  This man who shaved his head is a complete moron to begin with as I frequently see him standing next to the TV, naked, with one leg up on a chair, holding his gut up and blow drying his balls with the community hair dryer.  I'm not making this up...completely true.

Now for some history.  There are several dudes, most of them old dudes, in our gym who find the need to talk at shouting level to whoever their with in the locker room.  Its annoying and it makes no sense and it makes me want to start punching people.  Mark and I always laugh about it but we never see the offenders because we're in a locker room with many rows of lockers (think library style but instead of books its rows of lockers that smell like old balls) so you can't see who's talking on the other rows.  The crazy thing is, when I was IN the shower with it running, I suddenly heard this eruption of noise and realized it was one of the shouting old men yelling his conversation to some poor sonofabitch who was two feet away from him.  "HEY BARNEY!  YOU BETTER GET IN THOSE SHOWERS!  ONCE IT TURNS EIGHT O CLOCK THOSE GUYS FROM THE POOL COME IN HERE AND TAKE UP ALL THE DAMN SHOWERS! GET IN THERE BARNEY!  I'LL WAIT!!!!"  So, I quickly finished washing hogzilla in the shower so I could get out and see who it was that yells every freaking morning.  Sure enough, I got out of the shower and walked into the main locker room to see the guy who shaved his head in the steam room standing there, yelling at some horrified looking guy, while he had a leg hiked up and was blow drying his nuts.

What is wrong with people?

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