Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Serena's Official First Run Back on the SART

Serena and I triumphantly gazing out over the SART

It was a crisp morning today and I was happy to be able to commute to work again now that Serena is back in action.  I'd been on a couple of very easy rides this weekend to test out the new back wheel (WTB DX23 700c) and all seemed good so I decided to get back out there and take to the SART again.  For some reason I've got a sore quad so I thought I'd just do a moderate ride to the office but as soon as I turned onto the SART I could tell Serena wanted to run.  Serena's like a top Thoroughbred who wins from the front so when the gate opens, all you can do is get a hand full and try to stay on for the ride.  The sun was above me, the SART was wide open, Mumford and Sons was blowing up in the earphones and I took off like I was shot out of a cannon.

I have no clue if wheels have anything to do with speed but right away it seemed like I was hauling ass and the new DX23 wheels were giving me an ultra smooth ride.  My concerns that the guys at The Path had sold me an 'entry level' wheel were quickly put to rest because the ride felt great at high speed and the new wheel had no problems when I had to take sudden evasive maneuvers to avoid a broken bottle. So far so good!  Viva Serena's new wheel and viva the guys at The Path bike shop!

Serena and me at about 85mph on the SART

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