Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There was no bike ride today since I had a tax appointment this morning but the good news is, I was well behaved and very physical yesterday so I lost three pounds in one day.  Yes, I realize its only one day and I need to partially divorce myself from my near addiction to wine, but I'm proud and feeling like a champ.  One day down....784 more to go to reach my goal weight.

To celebrate my one day of greatness, I started off the morning with one of my wife's patented green smoothies.  Yes, the picture above shows that this morning's smoothie was not green but gray, but who cares, it was good and it was loaded with spinach, spirulina, grapes, some banana, and one or two other things that I can't remember.  On top of the green/gray smoothie, I decided I needed some Mayan superfood to top it all off so I took a heaping spoon full of organic cacao, straight, no mixing, like a man.  As usual, the cacao had an immediate effect and I punched the air fifty or sixty times, ripped two huge farts (the second one was quite a bit more wet than would normally be acceptable), and shouted "AAAAGGGHHHHH YEAH!  MAYAN SUPERFOOD!" at which point my youngest daughter ran into the room and acted like she was punching me in the balls.  After that, I was raring to go.

On the fitness front, today I plan to time myself running three miles.  I packed my GPS watch and I'll most likely have Mark driving me to put up a great time for a guy who weighs a metric ton.

Fitness is a journey folks, not a destination.

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