Saturday, May 19, 2012


I think my buddy in Cincinnati liked his taste of fame when I mentioned him yesterday on the Gut Chronicles and he wants more of it.  He's clearly got bike fever now and he told me he was going to go mountain biking this morning.  Later on, he sent this shot of his bike...doing nothing.  Something in his email mentioned how he had to take a break after a three mile ride (pussy) and whatever.  But there you have it...Gut Chronicle's Ohio office is in full effect!  Feel free to send in your biking photos.  If I like them, I'll post them.  If I don't like them, I'll print two of them out (one to shit on and one to wipe with).

Ok, now that the vulgarity is taken care of, lets get on to the fact that this could possibly be the most boring post of all time.  I'm not satisfied with just kind of boring so I've decided to post a video shot this morning.  The first part is my six year old giving advice on health and fitness, the next is me showing of my finely tuned basketball skills.


  1. Nice slam dunk at the end, Enzo!

  2. ok so where were you when the lakers came a knockin?