Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SART Offense!

I got up this morning, rolled my unemployed ass out of bed, had three cups of coffee, got on Serena and then hit the SART for a ride to the gym so I can continue to increase my upper body strength while ignoring the obvious fact that I should eat a lot less and what do I see?  This shit (above).

I come rolling up at like 60 or 70mph and lo and behold, there's a traffic jam on the SART being caused by some dude holding a freaking stop sign while his buddies try to build a bridge.  Well...pardon me sir, didn't realize you holding a sign means I have to stop!  I can't believe the balls on that guy!  You can't stop me on the SART, I am King of the SART and I make the rules!

Anyway, I didn't feel like taking on 25 construction workers so me and three guys on road bikes hightailed it up that access road to the left, rode over the bridge being built, got on the dirt path side of the SART, and rode down one more bridge and then got back on the actual SART itself.  A major inconvenience I should say!  Long story short, I still made it to the gym, knocked out insane amounts of lifting, and then rode home.  All is well, now its time for me to eat.

Side note...the two chicks on beach cruisers are something I see frequently on the SART.  They're clearly heading to Huntington Beach because its only about eight miles from the point where the above photo was taken.  Problem is, the wind really picks up, you have tons of up and down bridges to go under, and then you have to pedal your single gear heavy bike back with a pound of sand grinding away on the inside of your ass cheeks.  Nice job girls, way to think things through.

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