Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Breakast O' Champions

One thing I'm often asked by my loyal followers is "Hey brother, how is it that you can take down Silicon Valley single handedly but still eat healthy?" (Nobody has ever asked me that because I've been large and in charge since the day I moved up here but let's just have some suspension of disbelief here and go with the story).  My answer is...be prepared.

For instance, I knew this am, I had to roll into the office early because craft* domination required that I be here in person.  Rather than light up a couple of Breakfast Jacks on the way to the office, I had the wife pack me a healthy breakfast before I left.  The photo you see above is three crustless mini quiche made with egg whites, low fat cottage cheese, and whole grain sausage.  What you do is, pack those day old babies on a paper plate (seen above), with a plastic fork, wrap in cling wrap, then in tin foil.  You slide that whole bomb of healthiness sideways into your notebook bag (gotta pack carefully so as not to spill), then when you get to work, you unwrap them, slide them into a 30 year old office microwave with mold and shit on the inside, and fire those babies up.  Nothing to do from that point on other than sit back and enjoy!  Yuuuuuummmm

* For the uninitiated, 'Craft' is the term us insiders use for the act of selling (sarcasm meant)

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