Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 16: Oh My Aching Crotch...

I had to take the day off from riding today because it feels like someone took a power sander to the area between m'legs. No worries though, the nutrition is on track and I'm planning a massive upper body workout at lunch. I should probably alert the gym because once I start going on the bench press, the testosterone that flows from my body is so powerful that anyone who's ovulating should stay at least 50 feet away from me or run the risk of getting knocked up just from my manly aura. Better make that call now....

Food Journal from Yesterday:
Breakfast - Flaxcakes and raspberries

Lunch - An apple. This is bad, but I felt something crazy happening in my gut so I didn't want to risk it

Snack before soccer game - Swiss cheese and some almonds

Dinner - Lean pot roast, peas, carrots, onions

Night snack - half a peach

Workout from yesterday:
Two seven mile bike rides
One hour long frenzy of running up and down a soccer field trying to coach a girls U6 team.

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