Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day ?: Bay Area Blitz

My millions of fans are probably wondering where I've been for the past two days and the answer is...San Francisco Bay area. This was a two day business trip which meant lots of time in the car, some pretty bad food, and probably too much booze. I managed to get a workout in, but other than that, I didn't quite make it happen with the old Quest for Thunderlips. For instance, take my airport lunch as seen above. Tempura udon. Good stuff to be sure and by the taste of it, I'm guessing its under 1,000 calories but well over 500. Another example, last night at the Giants game, I had a hot dog...and garlic fries...and peanuts...and four ice cold Budweisers. I'm not feeling great about it, but what can I say, sometimes life gets in your way. The important thing is that I'll be in town for a full week next week so I can forgeddabout the last two days and focus on being badass.


  1. Sorry but I have a hiccup to bring to your week next week - your box of Hartwell wine just arrive!!! Will be delivering soon! :)

  2. Its alright, I'll fight through it!