Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3: The Stats

It's 9:30pm and my ass is wiped out so this evening edition will be a short one. I didn't have a pic to post so I took one with my webcam and it was about the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life. So, instead of posting a photo of something that looks like John Wayne Gacy with ten pounds added on, I've decided to post a shot of the man I want to become, Thunderlips The Ultimate Male.

Today was a serious barn burner, a bike ride to work, full day in the office, bike ride home in the extreme heat, a shower and then straight to assistant coach my daughter's soccer game. The ol' legs were seriously sore today at work so I skipped going to the gym for fear that I may be hitting it a bit hard on my first week back in action (That's what she said).

I was perfect on food but today was tempting to be sure. First thing in the am, one of my co-workers brought a dozen donuts to work. I nearly freaked out like Rainman around hot water but instead, I spurned those deep fried doughy delights and kept working away. If the donuts weren't enough, after our late dinner this evening, the wife handed me a full pint of 'Captain America' ice cream and asked me to scoop some out for the kids. Et tu Leslie? Seriously, what the hell is that all about? Clearly the wife is trying to sabotage me. Hell, why don't we just go buy some crack and some glass pipes and see if any of the folks living under the bridges I ride by in the morning would like to just hold them? She's out to get me...I know it.

Oh yeah, one more thing. At the beginning of the bike ride home today, my riding partner rode just slightly in front of me, stood up on his pedals, said "Mate, I had vegan today for lunch so fair warning". While he was saying this sentence, he let a loud fart that lasted, unbroken, for a good 15 seconds. The entire time my buddy was breathing out of his ass, he made sure he was positioned in front of me so I couldn't get around him. It was the most incredible and horrifying thing I've ever experienced in my life.

Today's stats:

Exercise -

Morning seven mile ride

Afternoon seven mile ride

Running around for an hour yelling at six year old girls trying to play soccer

Food -

Breakfast- Trader Joes lite cottage cheese and a peach

Two cups of coffee (Kona coffee...the good kind)

Snack - Ten organic almonds

Lunch - Leftover roasted bell pepper stuffed with lean turkey breast

Snack - Ten organic almonds

Pre-game snack - Two lite string cheeses (I learned on Tuesday this is critical)

Dinner - Trader Joe's turkey meatloaf, one tbs ketchup, mashed cauliflower, broccoli

Extras - one glass of red wine and I had a very early morning cup of coffee but that was so I could trigger a mudslide before I got on my bike. Wouldn't want to soil my britches whilst riding.

See you manana.

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