Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 50: Hot and Sweaty

Sweet mercy it's hotter than a whore in church today but I still managed to get off my ass and go for a run. The girls have become my regular Saturday exercise partners so they saddled up on their bikes and hit the trail with me. This video is my big sweaty ass at the halfway point discussing life in general, trying to keep the peace between two kids who are itching for a fight.

I thought I'd give the girls a challenge and tell them to ride up 'Heart Attack Hill' thinking they wouldn't make it. To my pleasant surprise, those little turds pedaled right up to the top of the hill and only struggled a little. My next challenge will have to be more severe, maybe Everest.

We finally made it home and had our normal post run discussion. Mom made us healthy smoothies so we could relax, and shoot the shit like regular folks after our run. Aaaaahhh the family life!

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