Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 51: Serena Lives!

I just got back from an hour long ride with my youngest daughter, who is a serious champ when it comes to love of all things bicycle. The ride was anything but strenuous for me, but my kid got a great workout and, in truth, I was physically active for an hour so I guess that counts for something. Here we are at the tail end of our ride, doing our normal exercise overview...

The kid, showing off her competitive spirit....

Here's my daughter giving her expert opinion on the basics of working out and what it all means. She's clearly dialed in on fitness matters...pain = good.

Overall, the ride was great because I was able to make sure Serena is ready for the SART again next week. As far as I can tell, Serena is all systems go, gears a workin, tires full of air, and no funky sounds. Yeeeeeehawww!

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