Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 57a: Running Man

Today I managed to go five miles at a pretty brisk pace so I'm damn proud of myself. For some reason, my gut feels huge but I'm losing a little weight and my clothes fit better so I'm not sure what the dealio is. I'm guessing the cheeseburger and chili-cheese fries I ate last night might have something to do with my gut looking all large but hey, what am I, a scientist?

On to the run...Here's my youngest giving me the ol' pre run pep talk. She was originally going to be a lump like her sister and stay home and watch TV, but she sacked up and decided to put her old man through his paces...

Here we are just about half way. My daughter is clearly trying to stall because she wants to rest.

The great race up 'Heart Attack Hill'

Nearly home and heading under Main Street

After we made it home, my kid walked in the house and said "Something smells like dog!" We went into the kitchen and there was a plate of fried Spam. I said "Well, there you go, now you know what Spam's made out of!" The kid still ate it.

Overall I'm feeling good about the three day weekend. A nice brisk run today was a good start. I had a berry protein shake afterwards and I'm motivated to not pig out all weekend and maybe, just maybe, get fully back into it so the weight loss isn't such a struggle. Only problem is, today is the first Saturday of the college football season and it turns out that I likes to sit on the couch and drink and watch football...we'll see how it goes.

Last week, The Gut Chronicles got nearly as many hits from The Netherlands as it did from the U.S. I'm not sure if I have a single admierer in Holland (please let it be Sylvie Francoise van der Vaart!) or if I'm becoming a national sensation. Cheers to you my Dutch friends! Thanks for stopping by.

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