Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes loyal Gut Chronicles readers, this morning, after my green smoothie, I got another flat.  Luckily for me, this time the flat didn't happen on the SART, instead, when I came out of the gym after my shower, I noticed a flat. I had to walk Serena 1/4 mile to work but now I'm sitting here with the knowledge that I have to change my rear wheel tire in my work clothes at some point this morning.  This my friends is a total bitch for me!

This is my 3rd flat in about a year and, according to my research, that's a pretty average number so I guess its something I'm just going to have to learn to get good at.  As is the case with all learning, I went to YouTube to get instruction on how to change the rear wheel and the best methodology for changing a flat tire (see below).  Once I get the gumption up to go out and change my mother scratching tire again, I'll time it and let everyone know how I did.

Rear wheel vid:

And the tire changing vid:

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