Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Official Tire Changing Time: 15 Minutes

I finally got up the old 'Sackaroo' to go out to the parking lot here at the workplace and change Serena's flat tire.  Here she is...on her back.  The clock was running at this point and my hands were dirty.

Innertube replaced, tire going back on the rim, pump in hand ready to get pumping.  I was filthy at this point but I timed it just right for a trip to the gym so I could workout and then take a vigorous shower.

There she is.  Dirty as hell (which is how I likes 'em) but good as new.  I keep thinking there's a very slight wobble in the tire but I can't really tell for sure.  Could be that the wheel needs to be trued or it could just be my insane paranoia.  Good thing is, Mark is riding with me today so I'll take off when he leaves to ensure I've got a riding partner on the SART.  From flipping Serena on her back, to pumping about 180 times, to wiping up, total time was 15 minutes.  Not bad when you're talking about working on the rear end!

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