Saturday, May 5, 2012

Viva Burrito!

Ok folks, here's a lesson in golfing like a man and a little insight into how I approach the game. First off, you see my breakfast burrito which was off the charts. That Mexican Missle of greatness was consumed in the car in the parking lot at the golf course. I wasn't going to stand in the parking lot eating my burrito like some cretin so I did the door open/lean out over the ground move. It provides privacy and it makes it so no burrito gets on the shirt or my 2003 G35 with sport tuned suspension.

After finishing the burrito, I made sure my golf bag was ready with the essentials, balls, glove, sunblock, and six cold Sapporos because I'm too cheap to pay five bucks a can for beers.

That is how you handle golf JonO style.

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