Friday, June 29, 2012

Pipes Ahoy!

What?  You heard there was a massive explosion of testosterone and rage in Orange County today? need to worry, that was just me, doing a near record breaking upper body workout after riding Serena to the gym.  See folks, here's the dealio, I likes to pump some iron and I've gotten to be pretty good at it.  In the photo above, you can clearly see the business end of what was about to become a 185 pound bench press (six reps).  If the fact that I rode to the gym, THEN worked on the upper body doesn't set off a flood in your britches, then just know this...afterwards, I rode home too.  POW!

As impressive as all this sounds, I know full well that starting today, I'm headed into a weekend of complete excess.  I've got an all day kids pool party today, tomorrow we've got people coming over for a pool party/bbq and they will be staying over so we can watch the Euro 2012 final game.  It's going to be hotter than a well digger's asshole this weekend and that means there will need to be cool beverages.  Rumor has it, there may be some drinking and eating going on.  Therefore, I pledge to spend the weekend trying to completely undo any good I did with my exercise this week.  That is all.

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