Monday, August 13, 2012

Running Sucks

Even though I love to get on my bike and ride, I decided this weekend I need to start mixing in some runs so I got up this morning and went for a run.  Some passerby got this photo of me and emailed it to me.  Haha.  I know I fooled everyone, but that's not really me in the picture!  FOOLED YOU!

Anywho, even though running is hard, especially when you haven't done it in a while, everyone knows running burns more calories faster than bike riding (if you run five miles, you burn about three times more calories than say biking three miles).  Why did I decide to start running you ask?

  1. I need to lose 800 pounds
  2. Its good for you
  3. It gets the blood flowin and the energy a pumpin!
  4. I like pain
If you don't believe me, then read this thing I found on the internet.  If its online, it must be true!:

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